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The Lodgers

Directed by: Brian O'Malley

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Movie poster The lodgers. Przeklęci
Original title: The Lodgers
Runtime: 92 min.
Production: Irlandia , 2017
Category: drama / horror / romance
Release Date: 4 May 2018
Distribution: Best Film

Directed by: Brian O'Malley
Cast: Charlotte Vega, Bill Milner, Eugene Simon

After the tragic death of her parents Rachel (Charlotte Vega) and her twin brother - Edward (Bill Milner) alone inhabit the dark estate Loftus Hall. According to the local legend, it is a cursed house, visited by its former inhabitants. Siblings must follow certain rules to avoid cruel punishment and survive.
Despite the warnings, Sean (Eugene Simon), a boy in love with Rachel, wants to discover the truth about the family-related curse. When he exceeds the threshold of the estate, he launches an avalanche of deadly events.

Average rate: 1.0
rating 1.0 rating 1.0 rating 1.0 rating 1.0 rating 1.0 rating 1.0 rating 1.0 rating 1.0 rating 1.0 rating 1.0
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Your comments

tom 8. May 2018, 13:41

niby wszystko ładnie sfilmowane ale szału nie ma

Romuald lewandowicz 2. May 2018, 10:17

Filmu jeszcze nie widziałem.jestem ciekaw,bo jest reklamowany jako najlepszy horror od czsow innych.a film amenabara bardzo wysoko zawiesił poprzeczke

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